Modern Paralysis

March 18, 2018, Shalgam Records

composed & recorded & mixed by Baris Ergun
mastered by Pieter Snapper & asst. Adham Farid
album cover photo: Uygur Kıran
albüm cover photo design: Melek Göktekin

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I. Any and Every Little Confusion
II. The Roots Follow
III. Dirty Act of a Dirty Orchestra
IV. Voice of Nagging Suspicion
V. Slow Smoking Section
VI. Had a Quiet Life in
trapped in the neighbourhood where he lives and stuck with a definite perception of time and vision, comprising daily routines — these aroused the feeling in him to stop the time and vision by using the sounds in the space surrounding him. getting used to the modern depression in time, creating time and space for his own in it, focusing on the variability of meaning instead of chasing the meaning, and lighting on a line on that one line in the page 42 of “Benlik” by Oruç Aruoba in the meantime led him to bring out this work. every place and everything around have traces on it — a studio in Kadikoy, his old and faithful microphone, the computer in that little black bag, and mostly his home studio. he wanted to take a random sound and to touch all the components that make it real. He wanted to hurt, crumble, fray, smash, and bend them, to say, give them a genuine reality way different than they do have. the more he ignored his own, all the sounds got closer to the reality he ever dreamt of. time and space were just the way he wanted them to be and meaning was getting far from being reachable and turning into a means of questioning, all of which were making him happy. and now, he could love everything else as long as their essences and horizons were close to his world. all these did not only make him happy when he was on his own, but allowed the physical world around him with all its moves and relationships to get under his skin and he was...