Impaired Singularity

April 9, 2021, Shalgam Records

composed & recorded & mixed by Baris Ergun
mastered by James Ginzburgcover artwork design: Ozan Tezvaran

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I. We, Conscious, Where
II. Hands Burying Eyes
III. Depths Yet Deepening
IV. Banal Density
V. Double Bind Fuck
VI. Pale Mirror, 310520
VII. Face Remains
Impaired Singularity is not just an effort for creating melodies or soundscapes but a result of the chaos and the elimination that I’ve tried to reveal by digging into the ways and effects of thinking upon life and living itself as an individual. I was in Istanbul, Kadıköy when I first started spreading seeds of the album. I thought there happening was a sound universe that was much more inclusive and capable of touching various emotional states at different extremes. But later, I felt congestion and corruption of quarantine conditions of Istanbul and I did not want to drown myself under it anymore. Thereafter I temporarily moved to the Black Sea, to a village house and continued to record the album in a completely different life practice. Just at that moment, I realized how the past, the space occupied by that music in the past and the feelings triggered by it, were unconceivably and luridly variable. So I started to denigrate it, to feel estranged and alienated.

Then I came across a paragraph of Jung:

‘‘My life are the works that I can produce. Both mean the same thing. Since my works express my inner development, they can be considered as certain stopping points of my life path… Everything I wrote was the result of an inner necessity, a compulsion whose resources are also destined to me. What I wrote was something that attacked me from within… I let the spirit that moved me speak.’’

I really don’t know where it evolves tomorrow, but now I am sure that when I listen, it reminds me of myself in a certain past, and surprisingly, the future.