Discrepancy (Baris Ergun Works)

October 18, 2018, Avosync

July 24, 2020, Shalgam Records

composed & recorded & mixed by Baris Ergun
mastered by Adham Farid
cover art design: Jeff

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I. Dullness of an Egoistic Subservent
II. An Entreaty to the Undertones of Suicide
Discrepancy tries to portray duality of emotional reactions on the basis of feelings that seem distant and discrete from each other but are actually very close and relevant. “Dullness of An Egoistic Subservient” is an expression of nothingness arises from intensity, sharpness with no acceptable reason, repetition of disconnections, blank space with jittering noise and all these feelings in a perceptual time frame that can literally last for a short period of time or corrode in a lifetime. The track discusses the topic with a strong hidden “I” perspective, which helps the composer call himself an egoist, and the pleasure of obeying which he sees as “being a subservient”. On another side of the duality, the track “An Entreaty To The Undertones of Suicide” gets the utmost enjoyment, melancholy and strength out of experiencing the freedom of expressing compressed and interfered emotions in the most intemerate, intimate and spoiled ways by using a single unison melody performed by synths filling the frequency spectrum.